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Health of sediments in Commencement Bay improving

OLYMPIA - Sediment samples the state Department of Ecology has collected from the bottom of Puget Sound's Commencement Bay show signs of improved environmental health compared to samples from identical locations nearly 10 years ago.


The findings come from a just-released Ecology study, "Urban Waters Initiative, 2008: Sediment Quality in Commencement Bay." The Commencement Bay sediment data collection is a follow-up to a previous Ecology sediment study at the same locations in 1999.

The new study found reduced levels of toxic metals in the sediments such as arsenic, copper, lead, mercury, nickel, silver, tin and zinc. It found reductions in cancer-causing chemicals known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs. The study also found healthier populations of tiny sediment-dwelling life known as benthic invertebrates.

Hoquiam Couple Spot Burglar in Vacant Home

HOQUIAM, Wash. - A Keen eye and helpful neighbors stopped a daylight burglary Tuesday that Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers says would not have been detected otherwise.
Myers said a Hoquiam couple were walking their dog past a vecant home in the 300 block of Karr Avenue when they noticed a crawl space panel appeared to have been kicked in. As they called 911, the couple said they heard noises coming from underneath the home and saw someone crawling around in the attached garage.
Hoquiam officers arrived and spotted the same thing, a 44 year old Hoquiam man trying to get scrap metal from the home's water heater. The man complied to officer commands to get on the ground, the problem arose when officers realized they'd have to break into the garage to take him into custody. Myers said "It was clear the man had broken into the crawl space under the main house area and crawled all the way under the house to the adjacent attached garage through an access hatch."
Officers eventually ordered the man to crawl back out where he was taken into custody without incident. The convicted felon, was booked into the county jail for one count of felony residential burglary. Officers are now attempting to identify the owner of the residence or the mortgage lender who has taken possession of the home.

“I commend the neighbors for keeping an eye on this property for the safety of their neighborhood. This was a daylight burglary which would not have been detected had it not been for their vigilance and willingness to check on their suspicions.” - Chief Jeff Myers

The residence will likely be added to the list for the volunteer CRIME WATCH residence check program.

Aberdeen Utility Bills Feature Donation Option

ABERDEEN, Wash. - Utility bills mailed out this week for Aberdeen residents will feature an optional line item; contribution to Coastal Harvest. Mayor Bill Simpson tells us "You can add at the bottom of your utility bill, the amount that you would like to give to Coastal Harvest, I think this is a great way for the whole community to help."
The City of Cosmopolis is looking into the same thing, Mayor Vickie Raines explained "It's a great idea, they would get their bill and there would be a spot to mark a donation. Our Finance Director is looking into the process and procedure of being able to do this."
Executive Director of Coastal Harvest, Tony Airhart tells us Aberdeen's new bills are mailing out this week. Cosmopolis will need to adopt a resolution to make the change to their bills.

Man Admits to Starting Fire That Burned Top Floor of Cosmopolis Home

One man was arrested after claiming responsibility for a house fire in Cosmopolis over the weekend. Police Chief Casey Stratton tells us that Officer...

Education Software Company Again Targeting Families

OLYMPIA—The Attorney General’s Office today warned parents to be careful about educational companies who claim to be affiliated with their child’s school as a way to sell their wares. 

educationThe office recently received information from representatives of the Lake Washington School District that at least four families received solicitations from salespeople with Brainstorm USA, an educational software company, claiming to be affiliated with their child’s school. 

The primarily Spanish-speaking families, including one officially classified as homeless, reported being asked to pay as much as $2,400 for the software—only to learn it was not recommended or required by their child’s school at all. 

“Education is a fundamental gateway to future success—and many parents will do anything to help their child succeed,” said Attorney General Bob Ferguson. “These salespeople deserve an “F” for their deceptive sales practices.”

The AGO issued a similar alert in December 2006 when the Yakima School District notified the office that a salesperson associated with Brainstorm USA had obtained a list of student phone numbers and parent names. The salesperson then contacted Spanish-speaking families and falsely indicated he was affiliated with the district in order to gain access to their homes. 

Neither the Lake Washington School District nor the Yakima School District have any affiliation with Brainstorm USA or its merchandise.

Investigation closes State Route 101 in Aberdeen for hours Saturday morning

Aberdeen police had to close State Route 101 for several hours this morning at Jefferson Street, while they investigated A a possible shooting incident a block...

Conservative Comments with Mike Yarmakovich

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Razor clam dig continues through the weekend for Twin Harbors, Long Beach (NO Mocrocks...

OLYMPIA - Clam diggers have the go-ahead to proceed with a razor-clam dig starting Friday, April 10 after a series of marine toxin tests showed the clams were safe to eat.

Three morning digs are scheduled April 10-12 at Twin Harbors, while Long Beach will open April 11-12 only. Digging on all beaches must be completed by noon.

The schedule does not include any days for Mocrocks or Copalis due to the number of clams available for the state-managed recreational harvest on these beaches, said Dan Ayres, coastal shellfish manager for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW).

"We want to make sure there are enough clams for an opener tentatively scheduled at all four beaches later this month, when there will be even better tides," Ayres said.