One Aberdeen resident had a pretty busy 2015, coordinating and helping to clean up miles of shoreline in Grays Harbor County. Joshua Francy posts his totals frequently on the Facebook page Clean Streams and Memes, and he certainly doesn’t work alone. On Sunday, a group of volunteers started 2016 by removing over 100 pounds of garbage and 16 pounds of recyclable materials from the area between the Compass Rose near Wal-Mart and the Wishkah River bridge in Aberdeen.

Francy said in 2015 the group removed 17.5 tons of garbage overall, nearly 500 pounds of that was recycled. Items ranged from the mild to the strange, the group scooped 239 syringes, 48 sterile water tubes & 5 prescription bottles, along with 79 pieces of silverware, 39 6-pack rings, 24 Balloons, 12 propane tanks & 20 tires. The group also became an unincorporated nonprofit charity association last year, with the help and continued support of the Chehalis Basin Partnership.

There were too many volunteers to list, but you can find Clean Streams and Memes on Facebook for updates and schedules if you’d like to join the group in 2016.

Francy added on his end-of-the-year recap “The watershed may not be clean yet but it is a lot cleaner. I’m hoping to expand the program quite a bit next year and I look forward to the good things coming.”


I have the year’s totals in front of me. We removed 35,357 lbs overall. That is 17.5 tons. 496 lbs of that was recycled….

Posted by Clean Stream And Memes on Thursday, December 31, 2015