Across the Chehalis Basin, local governments continue to follow the lead of the Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority and pass resolutions favoring a “basin-wide solution” as the best way to address basin-wide flood issues and low fish counts.  Most recently, the Town of Bucoda joined the list of local government articulating their support for the Chehalis Basin Strategy and its twin components of flood hazard reduction and aquatic species restoration.

Said Town Councilor Steve Lyle following this month’s resolution adoption by the Town Council: “The Bucoda Town Council recognizes the value of a comprehensive fish enhancement and flood reduction plan benefiting all of the communities in the Chehalis Basin.  Bucoda has directly benefitted from local projects including protecting the city’s water supply and providing flood vents for many local homes.”  Lyle goes on to add, “I see water retention to control the periodic catastrophic flows starting in the upper Chehalis river as a key part of helping protect families but also protecting species and habitat that is damaged when Chehalis river flood flows become too extreme.”

Other jurisdictions recently adopting local resolutions include: Grays Harbor County, Cosmopolis, Montesano, Lewis County, Centralia, Chehalis, and Pe Ell.  Scott Boettcher, Staff to the Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority, sees the adoption of so many local resolutions across the basin as broad, continuing support for protecting people, property, and fish all together.  Said Boettcher, “that so many local governments continue to adopt local resolutions expressing their communities support for a basin-wide solution is telling of the sentiment across the basin that people urgently want and believe in the twin goals of the Chehalis Basin Strategy – protect people and property; restore fish and habitat.” Recently adopted local resolutions can be viewed at