A level-1 registered sex offender in Hoquiam was arrested last week after he repeatedly harassed his elderly neighbor.
Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers tells us neighbors in the 1100 block of Soule Avenue reported that Christopher Grim was attempting to panhandle door-to-door.

On January 30, 2014, Detective Sergeant Krohn updated the department regarding a level one registered sex offender, Christopher Grim, who was frequently bothering his neighbors in the north end of town. Several nearby residents were concerned because Grim was attempting to panhandle several times a day at various residences.

Neighbors had learned Grim was a registered sex offender and several had come into the station over the prior days in order to verify Grim’s status and review his registration information.

Both Officer Hergert and Detective Sergeant Krohn contacted Grim to advise him to stop.

At approximately 1911 hours, Officer McCartney was dispatched to a home the 1100 block of Soule Avenue for Grim knocking on her door for the third time that day.

At approximately 1958 hours, Sergeant Salstrom contacted Grim outside his residence whereby Grim denied going to any of the neighborhood houses. Sergeant Salstrom advised Grim of the several complaints received regarding his behavior. Grim was warned if he went onto anyone’s property without permission or invitation he will be arrested for trespassing.

On January 31, 2014 at 1659 hours, Officer Pearson was advised of a trespassing complaint at the home in the 1100 block of Soule Avenue. Dispatch advised a large male subject matching Grim’s description was knocking on the door for the seventh time in two days. The resident was scared and had locked herself inside her home pending the arrival of the police.

Upon arrival, Officer Pearson located Grim standing inside the enclosed porch of the residence. Grim claimed he was looking for a friend. Officer Pearson told Grim he had been advised by several officers to stay away from the neighbors houses; Grim claimed he was not aware.

Grim was arrested for trespassing and stalking before being secured in the patrol car. Officer Pearson contacted the victim who was visibly frightened and shaking. The victim had to take some time to calm down before she could provide a written statement.

The victim related Grim first came to her door at approximately 11:00 AM on January 30th. He knocked on the door and the windows of her residence. The victim did not know Grim other than she had been told by a neighbor Grim was a registered sex offender living nearby. The victim hid in her kitchen until after several minutes of knocking, Grim walked away.

Grim came back to the residence two hours later and again knocked on the door and windows of her residence. The victim said she opened the blinds to ask him what he wanted; Grim claimed he was looking for “Linda”. The victim told Grim she was not Linda and did not know of a Linda in the area.

At approximately 7:15 PM, Grim returned and knocked on the victim’s door and windows. The victim opened the blinds and said “what do you want?”; Grim looked at her and said “oh I made the mistake again” then walked off the porch. The victim called the police, but Grim could not be located.

The victim felt so uncomfortable in her home that she packed a bag and went to her sister’s house for the night.

The victim returned home on January 31st at approximately 12:00 PM; she was afraid to unlock or open the door to her house and did not even open the door to let the dog outside. Approximately an hour and a half later, the victim saw Grim walk past her house; she thought it was odd since she had just returned home.

At approximately 4:40 PM, Grim came to the door again and started knocking. The victim said she was afraid for her life so she hid in the corner of her front room hoping Grim could not see her. Grim stayed on the porch for several minutes then finally walked away. After Grim left, the victim was able to get to the phone and call 911. She later saw Grim walk past her kitchen window where he looked directly at her before walking back around the house and into the enclosed porch (where he was subsequently arrested by Officer Pearson).

In addition to the new charges, the department will be reviewing the registration status of Grim to determine if his sex offender level should be aggravated to allow additional community notifications.