Now that the state legislators have come home from sessions in Olympia, the website has released their missed votes report. The report compiles the votes by lawmakers on recorded roll calls during the 2016 regular and special sessions of the legislature.

There were 1,257 new bills introduced, 292 were passed by the legislature.

Representative Brian Blake of Longview only missed 2 votes, while Representatives JD Rosetti of Longview, as well as Steve Tharinger, and Kevin Van De Wege from Sequim missed 0 votes.

Senators Dean Takko and Tim Sheldon missed 1 vote, while Senator Jim Hargrove of Hoquiam missed 88 votes.  A response from Hargrove’s office said that “Senator Hargrove’s missed votes were largely due to budget negotiations going on at the same time.”

washington votes 2016A complete list of the legislators and their attendance can be found on the washingtonvotes website, or here.



According to Franz W. Gregory,’s director, lawmakers worked at about the same pace as previous sessions, with the bulk of votes on final bill passage recorded during the closing days of each session. They took a total of 973 recorded roll calls and passed 292 bills. Eight legislators missed more than 50 votes, and 89 members had a perfect roll call record. By comparison, during the 2014 off-year session, which was a  90 legislators had a perfect record on 911 recorded roll calls.

“There are many reasons why legislators miss votes, such as civic or professional obligations, legislative negotiations and medical and family emergencies,” Gregory explained. contacted the legislators who missed the most votes and gave them an opportunity to comment on their record.