A man who tried to run from police on his off-road motorcycle was found in the dunes near Grayland yesterday morning.

Deputy Tracy Gay spotted the bike at 12:45 Wednesday morning, traveling north on State Route 105 near Grayland Beach Road. The motorcycle was not street legal, with what appeared to be a flashlight attached to the front and no other lighting or license plate.

When Deputy Gay turned around, the bike accelerated. He gave chase a short distance before it turned west down a gravel driveway and headed toward the beach. He almost wrecked twice before going around a closed gate toward a vacation home and into the dunes.

Deputy Gay drove back around to the beach but didn’t see him. He then released K9 Max to check the vacation home, which was unoccupied. Max located the motorcycle nearby, the deputy gave several warnings for the suspect to come out but no one responded. K9 Max located a person hiding in the brush who immediately surrendered once found.

He was identified as a 32 year-old Aberdeen man with multiple misdemeanor warrants and no valid driver’s license. The man said he ran because he didn’t want to go to jail. He had received minor scratches from Max, and was checked by aid before being transported to the Grays Harbor County Jail. The man was booked for attempting to elude a pursuing police vehicle.