Speeding motorists are not exactly on a WSP troopers endangered species list but the extra effort by a Hoquiam trooper to track one down paid off big recently. A stolen vehicle, stolen weapons, burglary tools and two homicide suspects were the bounty.


The trooper, working Grays Harbor County observed a speeding truck, traveling west bound on SR12 near Montesano, at 82 MPH in the 60 MPH zone. The trooper, traveling east bound, turned in the median and eventually caught up to the white 1991 GMC truck bearing Washington exempt license plates and initiated a traffic stop. The trooper immediately began getting bad vibes, observing furtive movements from the passenger as the vehicle stopped and then observing a loaded large caliber rifle magazine on the floor between the passenger’s feet. A felony stolen vehicle hit on the license plate had additional units immediately responding to assist. Troopers, with the assistance of two Department of Fish and Wildlife officers, took both male occupants into custody.


The truck, stolen from and owned by the City of Kent, also contained two large caliber bolt action rifles, one fully loaded with a round chambered, and a .44 caliber handgun. Large quantities of ammunition were also located. Troopers believe the suspects attempted to conceal the identity of the truck by scraping off the City of Kent markings with a knife that was located in the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle, Dylan Mullins 19, was booked into the Grays Harbor County Jail and passenger Sebastian Gregg 17, booked into the Grays Harbor JV detention unit. Gregg was also listed as a missing juvenile from Kent.


Subsequent investigative efforts by the Auburn and Kent Police Departments linked both suspects to a recent homicide and arson to cover up the crime in Auburn. Auburn Police have evidence and confessions that Mullins and Gregg shot and killed 19 year old Jerry Clayton in a double-wide trailer occupied by Clayton then set the trailer on fire to cover the crime.


King County Prosecutors have charged both suspects with first-degree murder, first-degree arson and first-degree burglary. Outstanding efforts by all law enforcement involved.