A fishing boat named the Jamie Marie was able to get off the beach overnight after spending a tense day about 1,000 feet North of the last shipwreck on the beach in Ocean Shores.

Sources tell us the boat was reported washed ashore just after 2 Monday morning, crew members on the beach later that day said that they were heading home with a load of hake fish when the boat began to run aground Just North of the North Jetty.

Crews were able to get the 90-foot boat facing out before sand began to swamp the aft and propeller, by Monday afternoon she was sunk into the sand by about 12 feet. They weren’t able to float out under their own power at the next high tide Monday afternoon, but with the aid of a tugboat, the Jamie Marie broke loose at high tide early Tuesday morning.

The fishing vessel Privateer washed ashore April 16th after the 74-foot fishing vessel started sinking 1 mile outside of Grays Harbor. Three people were rescued from the Privateer before she became beached just North of the North Jetty.