A new study on the impacts of crude oil transportation through Grays Harbor was released last month by Resource Dimensions of Gig Harbor. The group was retained by the local non-profit group Friends of Grays Harbor to conduct the independent study of two-year impacts of a hypothetical oil spill in our area in the year 2020.
While the study admits it didn’t factor in jobs created from the disaster, the group estimates between 650 and 1000 jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in business revenue could be lost in the event of a spill at one of three proposed terminals.

You can view the entire report online at the Friends of Grays Harbor website.

GH Coalition
The Grays Harbor Coalition for Infrastructure will discuss the study at their regular meeting this Thursday, from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m at the Furford Gathering Center (behind former Baskin Robins), 104 S Chehalis St., Aberdeen.