Employees and administrators are gearing up for layoffs at Grays Harbor Community Hospital. An email was sent to staff from Director of Marketing Nancee Long Thursday evening, it notified providers and staff that this week and next week “the hospital will lose members of [the] staff that have dedicated years of their lives to their profession, many of them here in the hospital.”

The email, signed by CEO Tom Jensen, echoes the previous sentiment that this is “the result of low volumes and continued reimbursement reductions.” It said that leadership roles are being notified today, and all other employees will be notified by next Friday. The email also said that all administrators are following union contract language, adding that seniority and “bumping” opportunities are being assessed.

While exact numbers are not yet known, employees were notified earlier this month that layoffs were on the horizon to upright a budget deficit.

The email asks that employees consider their notification day as their last day and collect their personal belongings immediately – or make arrangements with their manager to collect items during off hours. Jensen added in the email, “It is our hope that a swift change will make it easier to move on and protect the employees from additional pressures.”