The Hoquiam School District will ask their voters to approve a $6.8-million bond for renovating and modernizing Lincoln Elementary School and replacing the roofs at Hoquiam High School.

The school board approved the resolution seeking to place the 6-year bond on the November ballot, if approved, the district said they would receive matching funds from the state. The new rate would add $2.56 per thousand dollars of assessed property value.

The district noted that the current Hoquiam middle school bond will be paid off this year dropping 81-cents from the current tax rate of $5.81. With the new rate of the Educational Programs & Operations Levy, the projected rate would be $3.67** for 2019 through 2023.

**The quoted rate has been updated on 09/17/2018 – a new graphic reflecting the change should be posted to our story soon.

On July 19, 2018 the Hoquiam School Board approved a Building Bond Resolution to the meet the needs to modernize and renovate Lincoln Elementary School and replace the Mansard type roofing at Hoquiam High School.

The Hoquiam Facilities Committee (District and Community Members) recommended to the Hoquiam School Board the renovations and the amount for the resolution. Should the Bond request be successful, the District will potentially receive matching state funds for the project.


Hoquiam High School-Phase I

  • Built in 1968 (50 years old)—141,763 square feet
  • 2009 Building Conditions Survey reveals overall ‘Poor Rating’
  • Current Cedar Shakes on the canopy of the buildings are from original construction and weather worn.
  • Many of the shakes are cupping, split, or cracked.

Lincoln Elementary School-Renovation/Modernization

  • Built in 1971 (47 years old), Addition 1994—-41,257 square feet
  • 2009 Building Condition Study reveals overall ‘Poor Rating’
  • Proposed renovations include provisions for accessibility, door/windows, interior
    Asbestos abatement, mechanical and lighting controls, electrical, plumbing and fire


Projected Tax Rates with the Passage of NEW Renovation Bond

NEW Renovation Bond Facts

  • The current Hoquiam Middle School Bond will be paid off 2018.
  • The Educational Programs& Operations Levy (EP&O) and the passage of the NEW Renovation Bond will drop the tax rates from $5.81 to $4.05.
  • The proposed NEW BOND will run for 6 years.
  • With the passage of the new renovation bond—the district will qualify for matching bonds.