A raid on a known drug house in Hoquiam netted several arrests Thrusday, Police Chief Jeff Myers tells us in the early morning hours of May 28th Hoquiam Officers and state Community Corrections Officers assisted Detectives from the Grays Harbor Drug Task Force with the service of a search warrant at a residence in the 2400 block of Queets Avenue in Hoquiam.
DTF Detectives had conducted undercover buys from one of the residents of the home. The felony drug case actually originated in Aberdeen, but typical of drug dealers, the suspect had moved several times until landing at this location.
During the service of the search warrant, the suspect was arrested for violation of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act. The female renter at the home was arrested on outstanding misdemeanor warrants from the Grays Harbor County District Court. Both were booked in the County Jail.
Two males at the home were arrested on outstanding felony probation warrants from the state Department of Corrections; they were booked at the Hoquiam City Jail. Another male present in the home will be submitted for violating conditions of his state probation.
This particular house was the subject of ongoing citizen complaints regarding possible drug activity. Complaints were fielded by not only the police department, but also through a city councilmember who lives nearby.
While at the scene, officers requested the assistance of the Hoquiam Building Official to address numerous code violations, including the accumulation of garbage outside the home and structural changes without proper permits.Hoquiam Raid 2
The house was condemned by the Building Department as there was no active garbage service; the owner of the premises will face charges for several zoning and safety violations.
This is not the first time the police department has responded to this house for alleged drug activity; one of the three Hoquiam Department Focus Points is to target drug dealers and drug locations in the city. The property owner will be held responsible for ongoing violations of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act and could face forfeiture if drug activity is allowed on the premises.

“Cases such as this against alleged drug dealers are time-consuming and would not be possible without the work of the Detectives in the Grays Harbor Drug Task Force. DTF has the expertise and latitude to work with confidential informants on drug cases across jurisdictional lines as our patrol officers just would not have the time when going from call to call. This is another example of where Grays Harbor DTF is helping to improve the safety and quality of our neighborhoods.” -Chief Jeff Myers

Hoquiam Raid 3