Scammers recently scammed a local police officer who spots scams for a living.

Sgt. Brian Dayton with Hoquiam Police wrote on Facebook recently that he received a call from the “Verizon Tech support line” advising him that they were upgrading their system. He said they sent him a code from the line on which he receives his Verizon bill pay notifications. He added, “They did not ask for any personal information and they new my other numbers so I felt it was legit and provided them the code. They then advised me after the call to immediately reboot my phone! That’s when I was like CRAP! I just got scammed.”

He said he went to his Verizon account online and saw an order for a new Iphone X, before they changed his password. He called the Verizon Fraud people and they confirmed this was a scam.

Dayton concluded, “I share this with you because I am usually pretty good at sniffing out these things but they are getting very clever.”