Stepping up to the lipsync challenge going around on social media, the Hoquiam Police Department will be filming at 5:30 p.m. on Monday the 6th in front of their station, at 215 10th Street.

A Facebook post says they need protestors with signs demanding the lip sync challenge video. (No profanity please, and keep it fun)

They’ll also be taking video footage during the national night out block party Tuesday night.

The National Night Out block parties are being hosted in communities across the county, in Hoquiam, locations include:

1600 Broadway Ave (Riverside Place)
1400 Marion Street
700 Karr Ave
600 K Street (Hoquiam Elks)
900 First Street
900 K Street (Channel Point Village)
800 Maple Street
400 3rd Street
529 Emerson Ave

In Aberdeen,
Leisure Manor
514 Bel Air
1319 Bel Air
2218 Cherry
8th and Jeffries
1600 Harborview Highland Heights
2010 and 2011 Isabel
420 N. Broadway (Presbyterian Church)
1017 S. Boone SGT Brand’s BBq
918 RiverView
408 W. 2nd St
357 Oak St

The City of Cosmopolis and the Cosmopolis Police Department will be having National Night Out Block Party on Tuesday, August 7th at 6 p.m. in the City Hall parking.

The Elma Police Department, Fire District #5 and the Elma Fire Department are hosting an event at the 10th Street park in Elma from 6pm to 8pm August 7th.

Fire District #7 in Ocean city is hosting their block at their fire station off of State Route 109 starting at 6pm