Hoquiam police say that the recent vandalism at Hoquiam High School was related to the Aberdeen-Hoquiam game. Police Chief Jeff Myers said spray paint on the school which was likely related to the annual football game on September 7th.

UPDATE: The juveniles involved in this incident have come forward to take responsibility and are cooperating in the investigation.

Police Chief Jeff Myers said in an update posted to the department’s Facebook page that “Everyone makes mistakes, it is what you do about the mistake that makes the difference. We appreciate these juveniles coming forward with the support of their parents with the intent to make it right.”

Myers said the common prank is usually less destructive, like adorning the grizzly bear statue with streamers or other decorations to celebrate the ongoing school rivalry. However, this time three suspects captured on security video used spray paint which could not be washed off. The Significant damage required extra steps and expense to clean off the spray paint.

The Hoquiam Police Department is trying to identify three subject depicted in a video shared to their Facebook page. Myers adds they are not alleging guilt merely because of the posting of the video.

HPD Case 18-H11302. If you have information, please contact Detective Don Grossi at 360-532-0892 x 295 or [email protected]