The Hoquiam Police Department (HPD) has sponsored a free drug take-back box in the lobby of the police station since October 2014. A press release from the department Monday said that in that time, “we are proud to have collected and disposed of over 3,600 pounds of unwanted and unneeded medications!”

Myers has said in the past on CoffeeTalk that the department benefits from events like the recent national DEA Drug Take Back Day “we have the opportunity to ship all our recently collected medication back to the DEA for incineration. The DEA pays for the boxes, shipping and destruction costs.”

He said this time, the department is shipping 574 pounds of medication for disposal, “Since pills don’t typically weigh very much, we wanted to post a photo of the 21 boxes of medication! These are large boxes and it gives you an idea of the magnitude of collecting and safely disposing of unwanted medications.”

We are very thankful for the support of the DEA Drug Take Back Days in taking these medications for destruction and we look forward to the implementation of the first state-wide drug take back program here in Washington which should provide a framework to collect and pay for the cost of these programs.

We will keep our box in the lobby, but now the pharmaceutical companies will be paying for the cost of incineration!