The Hoquiam Police Department’s Chief for a Day, Loric Colgrove, was sworn-in last night at the Council Meeting by Mayor Jasmine Dickhoff.

364-Police Chief Jeff Myers with the Hoquiam Police Department said in a press release that Loric took a special “Oath of Office” as our Chief for a Day, to include promising to wear his uniform proudly while he has a great time with his law enforcement friends and his family as he fulfills his duties as the Chief for a Day for the Hoquiam Police Department.

In addition to being sworn-in as Chief, Loric received his official HPD badge as the 2018 Chief for a Day. Chief Loric and family will soon take a tour of City Hall, the Fire Department and Police Department, as well as a tug-boat ride into Grays Harbor from the Hoquiam Riverfront.

Loric recently also attended the Push Rods car show and will be in the lead patrol car at the start of the Logger’s Playday Parade. He apparently wants to learn how to handcuff a few of his siblings. Myers added, “I think we can help with that.”

The Chief for a Day celebration hosted by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission will be held at the police academy in Burien on August 23rd.

Myers also thanked those who donated to the program this year, “We appreciate all the donations from the community and businesses who are helping to make Chief for a Day very special for Loric and his family. The Harbor is amazing.” The chief for the rest of the year added, “Welcome to the team Loric! I am going to leave a great big pile of paperwork on my desk, or now your desk, for you now that you are official!”