Aberdeen and Hoquiam police had to wrestle a man to the ground after repeated attempts to taze him failed while responding to a domestic violence complaint last week. Aberdeen Detective Sgt. Art Laur said officers were called to the 1900 Block of Bay Avenue just before midnight Friday night.
A witness told police that they heard a woman scream “Stop hitting me” and watched her run into a home with another man chasing her. As the officer approached the residence he heard yelling coming from inside. At about this time, additional Aberdeen Officers arrived to assist along with an officer from the Hoquiam Police Department.

Officers knocked on the door but received no answer. As the yelling continued from inside, the officers attempted to enter the home but as soon as the door was opened, it was slammed shut from inside. Officers looked into the home from an open window and observed 2 females inside crying and yelling. They also observed a male flee towards the rear of the residence.

The officers entered the home and heard screaming coming from the back of the residence. They soon made contact with the two females (a 28-year-old Westport resident and 25-year-old Aberdeen resident) in a laundry room who immediately began yelling at the officers. Other officers at the same time were attempting to contact the male who was now in the kitchen of the residence. The male (a 26-year-old Aberdeen resident) was yelling profanities at the officers and demanding they leave. At this time a second male entered the kitchen and began to yell at the officers as well.

At this time, the officers from the laundry room attempted to assist the officers in the kitchen but their path was being blocked by the two females. As the officers attempted to get past the females, the 28-year-old male shoved one of the Aberdeen Officers causing him to fall to the ground. This officer was not injured and was able to get back up and call for help on his radio.

At the same time, the male ran towards a Hoquiam Officer who was still attempting to get past the females. As he approached the officer, he began screaming and pulled his arm back as if to strike the officer. The officer deployed his Taser but it had no effect. The male then attempted to strike the Hoquiam Officer but missed. A second officer then deployed his Taser but it also had no effect.

Officers were eventually able to wrestle the male to the ground, but he continued to resist their efforts to arrest him. Additional officers from the Hoquiam Police Department soon arrived and the male was taken into custody. He was then transported to the Aberdeen Police Department where he was booked on the charge of Assault 3rd Degree and a Municipal Court warrant. The 25-year-old female was arrested for Obstructing a Law Enforcement Officer and later released.

A Hoquiam Officer was injured during this incident and was treated and released from the Grays Harbor Community Hospital for an arm injury.