New Hoquiam Mayor Jasmine Dickoff took the oath of office at her first meeting last night. As one of her first matters of business, the mayor asked to address budget issues at the Fire Department. “What I would like to do is to put together a committee to discuss the pro’s and con’s of continuing to do a levy for the fire department, or to raise our rates in such a way that we could potentially self-sustain the department and not be in a position where we are reliant on an election to stay in business.” Dickhoff suggested raising city rates instead of asking for another EMS Levy to fund the department.

Councilman Greg Grund made a motion to add the EMS levy to the April ballot, Dickhoff explained that this would be a separate conversation. “this was not mean to supersede the upcoming one, just looking at what we want to do. My main concern is being able to properly outfit all of our departments.”

The council voted to add the EMS Levy to the April ballot, Dickhoff said the city will be reaching out to council members in the coming days to form a board for that discussion.