An Amanda Park couple returned to their home early yesterday morning to find a man sitting on their couch, smoking their cigarettes. Steve Shumate with the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department tells us at about 3:40 Wednesday morning, the caretakers of the Quinault River Inn on River Drive reported the intruder. The caretakers, a husband and wife team, awoke to someone ringing the doorbell of their residence. When they checked on the sounds, nobody was located. The husband then went outside to check further, thinking that one of the guests may be having problems. While outside, an unknown man had entered their living quarters and sat down on a couch. When the wife found the man inside her residence, she yelled at the man and yelled for her husband. The man fled out of the caretaker’s residence after taking some cigarettes and was confronted by the husband. There was a brief exchange of words before the man fled the area. There was no physical altercation involving the man. The caretakers had never seen the man before.

Resident Deputy Paul Logan was dispatched to the call and upon arrival, checked the area however the man was not immediately located. After speaking with the caretakers and getting additional information on the intruder, Deputy Logan started checking locations to the north. Eventually, he stopped at the Amanda Park Library and located a man hiding under the support beams of the building. When Deputy Logan tried to get the man to come out from under the building, the man exited out the back section and ran through the bushes toward US Highway 101. Deputy Logan gave chase and eventually caught up to the suspect after a ¼ mile chase. The subject was arrested and found to be the same man that had entered the caretakers residence earlier. The man was believed to be under the influence of drugs as he refused to cooperate or even provide his name.

Once at the county jail, Correction Deputies recognized the man, who was a 29 year old transient from Hoquiam. He was subsequently booked for Residential Burglary.