A 36-year-old Hoquiam man was in the Aberdeen Jail this morning after attempting to flee an Aberdeen Police officer on his bicycle and then on foot during a 3:38 AM chase. Lieutenant C.J. Chastain said the officer was in the area looking for people involved in an incident that happened minutes before in the 600 block of E. Market St. As the officer patrolled up F St. he observed the man on his bicycle cutting across the Aberdeen High School parking lot at the south end of the building. The rider was not wearing a helmet (as required by city ordinance), he was wearing dark clothing, and he had no bicycle light. When the officer turned his spotlight on the man, the rider jumped up on the pedals and took off. The officer observed several bags hanging from the handlebars of the bicycle.

The rider cut south to the east of the Aberdeen School District Office, dropping bags as he tried to evade the officer. As he turned back west in the alley south of the District Office, the officer drove around to cut him off on G St., with emergency lights flashing. The rider continued westbound in the alley across G St., then mid-block in the 300 block he tried to cut back south through a gravel lot. His bicycle wiped out in the loose gravel, and he attempted to run on foot. The nearly 30-year veteran officer was on his heals yelling at the suspect to stop as he continued running. In his haste to get away he fell again and was taken into custody by the officer without further incident.

Backing officers located the bags discarded by the man as he fled, and they contained a variety of personal effects linking them to a residence in the 400 block of Bland St. An officer responded to the location where he found a broken window on a vehicle. The resident was contacted and confirmed their car had just been broken into, as the window was intact when they went to bed. Officers checked the area and located additional victims.

A search of the suspect’s clothing revealed a quantity of suspected heroin, and a wants check revealed he had outstanding arrest warrants from a variety of courts in the area. The suspect was booked into the Aberdeen Jail for Vehicle Prowl, Attempted Vehicle Prowl, Obstructing a Public Servant, Resisting Arrest, Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substance Act, and warrants.

Residents in the area are encouraged to contact the Aberdeen Police Department if they were either a victim of a vehicle prowl (and had not reported it), or if it appeared someone attempted to get in your vehicle. Locking your vehicle and removal of all valuables is your best defense against would-be vehicle prowlers.