On June 9, 2020 at 1521 hours, Hoquiam officers were dispatched to the 28th Street Boat Launch for a report of two people in a vehicle smoking something from a piece of tinfoil.

Deputy Chief Strong, who formerly served as a detective and then detective sergeant in the Grays Harbor Drug Task Force, happened to be in the area and responded.

Upon his arrival, he located a 33-year old female and 41-year old male in the car. They denied smoking anything, yet DC Strong noticed numerous tinfoil “tacos” (in street lingo) littering the interior; he recognized these items as drug paraphernalia.

Additional officers arrived, to include Officer Spaur and his partner, Niko. Niko quickly went to work with his nose and alerted to narcotics on the passenger side of the car.

For those in the drug world who have not seen Niko work, when he “alerts” on a location, that is good for him- bad for you.

Officers obtained written consent to search the vehicle whereby they recovered drug paraphernalia and pills believed to be barbiturates. The male was also arrested and booked in the Hoquiam Jail on an outstanding arrest warrant from Ocean Shores.

Although no heroin was located in the car, one of the occupants admitted to regularly smoking heroin; they indicated they both were transients from the Aberdeen area and were just passing through when they stopped at the boat launch.