On Monday, June 6, 2016 at 1627 hours, Hoquiam Police and Fire were dispatched to a vehicle versus bicyclist collision in the 500 block of Levee Street, which is at the west end of the Riverside Bridge in front of Levee Lumber.

Additional reports from witnesses indicated the vehicle involved, a small, light colored Dodge coupe with dark tinted windows, had driven away from the scene at a high rate and was observed running the red light at Simpson Avenue. The bicyclist was left laying in the middle of the traffic lane at the end of the bridge leading onto Sixth Street.

Several witnesses remained at the scene to render aid and block traffic from striking the bicyclist.

As Hoquiam paramedics tended to the bicyclist, a 48-year old male from Mount Vernon, officers started to canvas the area in an attempt to locate the vehicle.
Ironically, just prior to the report of the collision, Officer Figg recalled seeing a light-colored Dodge coupe drive past him a few blocks over on J Street; Officer Figg had made a mental note of the first three letters of the license plate.

Using this partial license plate information, Officer Figg searched the Grays Harbor local law enforcement records database (Spillman Technologies RMS) and found a vehicle which matched the description, but it was registered out of Elma. However, when Officer Figg checked the driver’s license associated with vehicle’s owner, he discovered a current address in the 2200 block of Pacific Avenue in Aberdeen.

Hoquiam officers responded to the address and located the vehicle and the driver. The vehicle displayed damage consistent with the impact. When confronted, the driver admitted he had just driven through Hoquiam. When asked about the hit and run with the bicyclist, the driver said: oh, did I hit that guy? The driver was then concerned as to whether or not the bicyclist was hurt.

The 24-year old Aberdeen driver was taken into custody for felony hit and run before being transported back to Hoquiam PD for an interview. The vehicle was seized as evidence pending the service of a search warrant to collect additional evidence.

The bicyclist was treated at the scene by Hoquiam paramedics before being transported to Community Hospital for his injuries, which included multiple contusions and abrasions from the impact. The bicyclist was wearing a bike helmet at the time of the collision.

The bicycle and gear were collected at the scene and transported to HPD for safe keeping.

“This case came together so quickly because of the great information provided by several witnesses at the scene, plus some great police work by Officer Figg. We really appreciate the fact so many witnesses remained at the scene to help the victim and provide information necessary to find the driver responsible for this collision.” Chief Jeff Myers