The City of Hoquiam has again cut off non-trauma ambulance service to Fire District 8 on the North shore. A letter was sent to the district, that serves the Moclips, Pacific Beach, Aloha and Seabrook areas yesterday terminating services on the basis of non-payment, and fraud.

City Administrator Brian Shay tells us the district notified them earlier this month that they did not plan to pay for ambulance services between July 12th and December 31st of last year on the basis that they had no written agreement in place. As we reported then, the city terminated services due to non-payment.

Shay said the district also fraudulently altered the written contract before both parties signed it, adding language that the city would never have agreed to.

The letter concluded “The city is very disappointed that a governmental entity would engage in unscrupulous acts of this nature in dealing with another governmental entity.”

Hoquiam letter to District 8