Grays Harbor Transit is pulling out of an interlocal agreement with the goal of bringing back ferry service between Ocean Shores and Westport after the two cities failed to get on the bus. “Neither agency has responded.” Transit Board Chair Vickie Raines said during their meeting last night, “Transit will withdraw its participation with the ferry group.”

The group formed in the Summer of 2018 with the goal of jointly developing an economically feasible plan to restore ferry service. Residents and visitors to the two cities may remember the passenger-only ferry that ran from the Westport Marina to the Ocean Shores Marina from the mid-80s to 2008. While Westport continues to be a record-setting marina, the Tribe-owned marina in Ocean Shores has become a question mark. A $5,000 feasibility study was to be the next step for the group.

Raines said after the meeting, “We had an interlocal agreement sent out to the two cities from transit that neither had signed and returned. In addition to that, we haven’t heard of or know of a landing spot for the location of the ferry in Ocean Shores. Until we understand those two things it’s just our choice to not move forward at this time.”

A letter to the mayors will further explain that the Transit plans to focus on sustaining their core services.

Ocean Shores Mayor Crystal Dingler said the two cities are working on a study free-of-charge that is expected in March of next year.