Administrators at the Grays Harbor Transit Authority have some ideas for their new property in Aberdeen. General Manager Ken Mehin told the board at their meeting this month, “Our intention is to increase our accessibility to our transit center, to have a few more bus stop spots at the station and when we have the funds to actually have office space there.”

In September the Transit Authority purchased the property at the corner of Market and H streets from the county’s tax-titled auction for $148,500.00. Mehin said the empty lot will help solve a big problem for their drivers, “right now our buses circle around the station to get to their particular spot.”

Market street access will help get their busses back into the station without having to circle the block, which currently involves three one-way streets. Mehin said they’d also like to look at building office space once the wallet bounces back.

With the purchase complete, the transit authority owns all but one building on that block. Mehin told the transit authority board members earlier this month that they’d be very interested in that building if it ever goes up for sale.