Grays Harbor Transit last night adopted their 2017 budget, Transit Board president Vickie Raines said, “I just wanted to note for the public and the media, who hopefully will report on this correctly, You will notice the $200,000 for EMS is currently in the budget.”

The transit authority budget includes a $200,000 earmark for the Grays Harbor Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Care Council, which was established by the Washington EMS and Trauma Act of 1990. As was reported here months ago, Raines questioned that funding mechanism earlier this year. Raines added last night, “My hope was not to be able to just renew it but to replace it with funding elsewhere.”

Raines said she has reached out to 4 city mayors in Grays Harbor asking if they would be interested in using some of their newest revenue to help fund the program. “looking at an option of maybe using some of the sales tax revenue from the 3 tenths of 1 percent, but there wasn’t a lot of communication on that front.”

The funding dates back to the formation of the training program. Sharryl Bell, with Grays Harbor EMS said that $170-thousand of those funds cover training and grant costs, $30-thousand of the money is earmarked for equipment purchases for firefighters and EMTs in Grays Harbor County.

Raines, who has always been a supporter of the EMS training funds, has been working diligently this year to find a better funding source for the program.