The Grays Harbor Republican Party is supporting safe and clean crude oil shipments through the Port of Grays Harbor.
The party this week passed a resolution called the “Resolution in Favor of True Economic Development in Grays Harbor County” supporting all private, for-profit businesses willing to locate and maintain operations in the county. Including energy companies of all types, the resolution specifically lists crude-by-rail and coal-by-rail.
The resolution also called on elected and appointed officials to state their support of the same.

Attached is the complete GHGOP Resolution – also found below


Resolution in Favor of True Economic Development

in Grays Harbor County


WHEREAS, Grays Harbor County has had the highest or nearly-highest unemployment rate in the state of Washington for most of the last 20 years; and


WHEREAS, Grays Harbor County faces projected annual budget deficits of some $2 million, which will force substantial cuts to essential services for each of the next several years; and


WHEREAS, Grays Harbor County suffers from a statewide reputation for being “anti-business” due to its agencies’ policies toward private, for-profit businesses and development projects with regulatory demands, permitting fees, taxes and charges; and


WHEREAS, the County’s excessive reliance on government programs and non-profit charitable institutions has only worsened its economic prospects over the past several decades; and


WHEREAS, certain political special-interest groups have attempted to intimidate Grays Harbor County residents and voters into a counter-productive search for “zero risk” lifestyles; and


WHEREAS, the most reliable way to improve and arrange ongoing investment in local infrastructure (including roads, rail lines, port facilities, utilities, etc.) is for that infrastructure to be used regularly by private, for-profit businesses; and


WHEREAS, the best way to encourage conscientious environmental stewardship is to develop responsible industry in Grays Harbor County—instead of chasing industry away to areas whose people have less interest in the environment; and


WHEREAS, the energy industry and closely-related sectors have accounted for effectively all net economic growth in the United States over the past decade; and



THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Grays Harbor Republican Party supports all private, for-profit businesses—including energy companies of all types, including so-called “crude by rail” and “coal by rail”—willing to locate and maintain safe, clean operations in this County; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Grays Harbor Republican Party calls on all elected officials and appointed public-sector administrators in the County to state publicly their support of private, for-profit businesses—including energy companies—to locate in the County.




Approved by the Grays Harbor Republican Party Central Committee on October 7, 2014.