The Grays Harbor PUD Board of Commissioners have approved a resolution recognizing the value of the clean and reliable power resources available to public utility districts in Washington and throughout the Pacific Northwest.   The resolution, passed on Monday afternoon, specifically recognizes the hydro-electric dams on the Columbia and Snake Rivers and the nuclear power plant at the Columbia Generating Station in the Tri-Cities.


“We are lucky to have carbon free power,” said PUD Commission President Arie Callaghan.  “In an era when energy producers around the world are searching for ways to generate energy with the lowest emission levels possible, in Washington state we already have those resources at our disposal.”


In Grays Harbor, hydro and nuclear power, purchased through the Bonneville Power Administration, makes up about 90% of the PUD’s portfolio.  While power producers in the state and around the country define that power as clean and renewable, these generating sources have come under fire since the passage of Initiative 937, Washington’s version of the Energy Independence Act, in 2006.  As a result the value of those resources is in danger of being overlooked.


“In Grays Harbor, our mission is quality utility services at the lowest practical cost.  The hydro and nuclear power purchased by the utility are the best resources for that mission,” said Commission Vice President Russ Skolrood.  “Public power costs in the Pacific Northwest are among the lowest in the country.  We have the clean and reliable power from the Columbia and Snake Rivers and the CGS to thank for that.”


In addition to recognizing the value of the carbon free energy provided by the dams and the Columbia Generating Station, the commission’s resolution encourages Washington’s leaders to also recognize that value and to support its continuing contributions.


“Washington state is already a leader in the effort to promote clean, carbon free energy.  We should be proud of that,” said Commission Secretary Dave Timmons.