The Grays Harbor Public Utility District Board of Commissioners have approved a resolution supporting the designation of Tuesday, April 18th as National Lineman Appreciation Day. First recognized by Congress in 2013, the day celebrates the work of men and women across the country charged with building and maintaining the power system that power our homes and businesses.

The PUD’s 23 linemen are responsible for the maintenance of 1595 miles of distribution line, 223 miles of transmission line and over 30,000 poles. Teamed with groundsmen, line equipment operators, flaggers, and meter, substation and telecommunications crews, the Grays Harbor linemen have repaired and maintained a system that is one of the most exposed in Washington state.

“I really believe that the 23 linemen employed by the Grays Harbor PUD are the very best in the business,” said Board President Arie Callaghan. “When you add together the number of storms that pound our county and the huge service area they are responsible for and still come up with the outstanding reliability numbers we see in Grays Harbor that speaks volumes about the work they do for our customers.”