The persistence and compassion of Grays Harbor PUD Customer Service Collector Helen Berglund may have been the difference between life and death for a woman in distress this summer.  On Monday, the PUD Board of Commissioners commended Berglund’s actions on a hot July day that saw her come to the aid of a woman whom Berglund found on the floor of her home.


“Helen went the extra mile for this woman and it may have saved her life,” said Board President Arie Callaghan.  “As soon as she heard a call for help, she jumped into action.  That’s heroic.”


Berglund had arrived at the East Grays Harbor County home on the hot afternoon of July 26th but after knocking on the door and receiving no response was preparing to return to her vehicle when she heard the sounds of a woman calling for help from inside. Looking through the glass door, she saw the elderly resident of the home laying on the ground.  Finding the door unlocked, Helen was able to enter the home and speak to the woman, who had been laying on the ground for several hours, unable to move.  Helen immediately called 911 for emergency assistance and stayed with the woman for over 30 minutes until the ambulance arrived.  During that time, Helen provided comfort to the woman, speaking to her, locating her cell phone and attempting to contact family who lived in the area.


“I truly believe Helen saved a life that day,” said General Manager Dave Ward.  “Given the remote location of the home, the woman’s weakened state and the extreme heat that occurred over the following days; it is possible that without Helen’s actions this story may have had a tragic end.”