Concerns over imposing an additional tax burden on Grays Harbor PUD customers have prompted the Grays Harbor PUD Board of Commissioners to pass a resolution opposing the Carbon Tax Initiative 732.


“While we share the belief that the protection of our environment is an important goal, we also believe that Washington’s energy production is already one of the cleanest in the United States,” said Board of Commissioners President Russ Skolrood.  “Over 95% of the Grays Harbor PUD’s energy comes from carbon free sources, yet in the first year alone they could see an estimated tax expense of $643-thousand, increasing in the years that follow.  To impose this additional tax burden on our customers does them a disservice.”


In addition to the expense passed on to customers in the form of additional taxes, the collection of tax revenue and computation of data will cost the utility an unknown amount of money each year.


Supporters of the initiative say it will promote clean energy and offset the added cost with tax breaks.  The elements of the initiative include:


  • A $15 tax on each metric ton of carbon emissions in 2017 (increasing to $25 in 2018, increasing annually by 3.5 percent plus inflation up to a $100 limit).
  • A 1% cut in the state sales tax.
  • A reduction in the B&O tax on manufacturing.
  • Funding a tax rebate for working families.