The Grays Harbor County Public Health Department has released a heat map of covid-positive results throughout the county. Public Health Director Karolyn Holden said during a meeting with media on Friday, “When I talk about sharing case details I always want to remember to say that knowing where people live, who have been diagnosed with COVID, does not tell us where they were exposed, it doesn’t tell us where they may have travelled, or participated in activites where they potentially exposed others.”

The map breaks out the number of confirmed cases in each zip code (with 20 in Hoquiam 23 in Aberdeen, 11 in Montesano, 16 in Elma, and 12 in Ocean Shores). More importantly, the map shows that cases have been reported from almost every corner of the county. Holden added, “knowing that doesn’t inform me about where I should go and not go what it means to me is that everywhere I go I assume that I could be exposed and I’m asked and I wash my hands and I don’t go places unless it’s necessary to do so”

The map can be found at the department of health’s website; and will be updated once a week on Fridays, with case counts updated daily.


Even with the traffic in front of the bluff in East Aberdeen, Holden said that it does not appear that tourism is contributing to local case counts. “We are not seeing an increased number of cases in those areas believed to have occurred through Community transmission and that’s when we don’t know that they’ve been exposed to another confirmed case so we have a cluster in North Beach right now but we understand how that transmission occurred and it didn’t involve tourism”

Second Death Not COVID-Related

Two more confirmed cases of COVID-19 were added to the local count over the weekend. The Grays Harbor Health Department reports 95 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 18 active cases, and 1 death as of Noon Thursday (July 30th).

Public Health Director Karolyn Holden explained on Friday that the state’s website showed an additional death for the county, but that turned out to be false, “the state has access to death certificate data and when they see someone has been covered positive and if there’s a death certificate issued without a lot of additional information they may post that and attributed in this particular case our health officer dr. Bosher asked for an autopsy in that was performed at we got news I believe yesterday that the medical examiner did not attribute that desk to covid.”

The state website at now reports 97 cases and 1 death.