Grays Harbor Fire District 5 has now responded to 2 separate brush fires in as little as 2 weeks. The first brush fire response was on March 2nd off of Hurd Road and Mcintyre Road in Satsop where a person burning a pile of yard debris next to a small field and the winds had picked up and the fire was no longer contained and spread to the nearby field. Staff from GHFD5 and Elma Fire responded and got this fire quickly under control.

On Saturday March 16th at 1:16 in the afternoon Grays Harbor District 5 was dispatched to a property off of Thompson Lane in Elma for a report of a field on fire. On arrival fire crews found a 3/4 of an acre field on fire and into some brush and trees.

The landowner on this past Saturday’s fire stated that he was clearing the burning the debris on the property. Along with personnel from GHFD5 members from Elma Fire, Fire District 12 and 1 responded to assist with putting this fire out. The scene of this fire was turned over to Washington State Department of Natural Resources at 3:14 pm and they will be doing an investigation on the incident.

While spring is upon us and many home owners are wanting to clear their property from winter storms we want to urge everyone to ensure that they are doing so in s safe manner as early indications show that under brush is not so saturated in moisture as many would assume and could ignite and take off quickly becoming a brush/wildfire.