The McAlister family, missing for two nights, has been returned home safe after their van became stuck on logging roads in Mason County. Jason McAlister explained to deputies Thursday that he and his wife Melissa had taken their two youngest kids and planned on sightseeing Tuesday. A tree had fallen and was partially blocking the logging road they were on. Jason said he was able to get around it once but the road gave way when he tried to get around the tree a second time and they became stuck.

The family had plenty of fuel in their vehicle as well as clothing and some water. Jason called into Coffeetalk this morning, he said he was prepared to get stranded. “I had all the survival stuff in the van. Just like preparing for an earthquake or hurricane or something like that you just want to make sure that you have your survival gear in your vehicle.” Well, survival gear and candy helped. Jason added, “I didn’t clean out the van from when my wife took the kids trick-or-treating. So some of the candy spilled out of the buckets and stuff because our kids had ridiculous amounts of candy. so our 2-year-old Laurin decided that there has to be some goodies under these seats somewhere, and so she just kept pulling out pieces of candy.”

McAlister said they listened to KBKW while they were stranded, he said he got the van stuck Tuesday during the second hour of the Michael Medved show which airs weekdays from noon to 3 p.m.. Jason told investigators on Thursday that they stayed with the van Tuesday night and attempted to walk out Wednesday, got turned around, and decided to stay another night at the van. Jason said their spirits were high because they heard on the radio that crews were out searching for them.

Jason called into the CoffeeTalk show Friday morning, here is the entire interview.



Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate with the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office said that on Thursday morning the family attempted to walk out again and was spotted by a hunter about 30 minutes North of the Matlock Store.

Jason added, “I want to thank Grays Harbor and Mason County for all of their prayers, and I want to thank the Sheriff’s Deputies for all of their resources.”

The search for the McAlisters and their two younger children began Tuesday when Jason and Melissa McAlister’s two oldest children, aged 7 and 5, were not picked up from the bus stop near their home on the Old Wynoochee Road about 20 miles North of Montesano.