Aberdeen police are investigating two separate claims that County Commissioner Frank Gordon illegally removed campaign signs. The District 2 commissioner, challenged by Randy Ross on the November ballot, admitted to one incident on CoffeeTalk Thursday.

Grays Harbor PUD Commissioner candidate Dave Jennings confronted him about a sign missing from a spot on Alder street. Gordon later came into the studio and explained on the air that he misunderstood the landowner who had given permission to both candidates for a sign.


Gordon also said on CoffeeTalk that he had not removed any other signs. A police report was filed Wednesday evening and that incident is under investigation.

The Trail Camera

Shortly after Gordon left CoffeeTalk Thursday morning, photos surfaced of the commissioner walking around behind campaign signs, and carrying a sign of his opponent Randy Ross. Campaign volunteer Andrew Mesojednik said he set up a motion-activated trail camera after their “Ross” signs kept disappearing from the corner of Willow Street and Sumner Avenue.

One photo showed Gordon approaching the signs from the left, the second showed him carrying a Ross sign. A third photo, taken with Andrews phone when he retrieved the memory card, showed Ross signs on the ground nearby.

Andrew also called into CoffeeTalk, while County Commissioner Vickie Raines was on the air. Raines went on to discuss some of her own experiences with the campaign process in the last three minutes of that hour.

      Last 3 minutes of Vickie Raines Part 2, 09/09/16



After posting the photos to our Facebook page Thursday morning, the story took on a life of its own. The comments included media outlets asking about the signs. Andrew came forward and explained where and when they were setup.

Gordon later told us that none of the photos showed him removing a campaign sign, and clarified that he was only picking up a Ross sign that was laying on the ground nearby.

A Different Angle

This news department has obtained exclusive photos showing the signs standing, and in place, 6 minutes before the timestamp on the trail camera.


We also have photos showing the signs missing 30 minutes later.


Sorry for the blur, the second photo was printed out then photocopied. I’ll have more details Monday morning.

Aberdeen police are investigating both incidents as two separate misdemeanors.