Grays Harbor College will soon launch a second four-year Bachelor of Applied Science degree, this one in Forest Resource Management (BASFRM), and offered in partnership with Green River College.   Qualifying students interested in the Forestry BAS can apply for admissions in January and students will  be starting course work in the fall of 2017. Todd Bates, GHC instructor, will work with Monica Paulson Priebe from Green River to teach the courses using a shared classroom via ITV.

“For decades, the Harbor economy revolved around the timber, logging and wood products industries. Forestry has always been a key part of what sustained our community,” explains GHC President James Minkler.

“New developments in technology using wood products in construction are opening new opportunities for career pathways in forestry management, manufacturing, and carpentry technology that are being incorporated into GHC program and curriculum design,” Minkler continues.

“Our new four-year Bachelor in Applied Science-Forestry Resources Management degree will further strengthen the job skills for our students interested in this important community industry. In much the same way, graduates of our BASOM will find advancement and new opportunities in their fields.”

Coinciding with the launch of the BASFRM program, the partnering colleges just received a $998,773 scholarship grant from the National Science Foundation. This will provide a minimum of 92 scholarships from now until 2020, awarded to students enrolled fulltime who meet academic requirements and demonstrate financial need.

In addition to providing scholarships, the NSF grant also focuses on ways to increase retention and graduation rates. This includes an orientation for Natural Resources students, a mentor program pairing students with working professionals, guest lectures and a three-day crash course on safely operating, maintaining and repairing small engine-powered forestry equipment.

A cohort of 30 students reports for classes the week of September 19 to begin the College’s first four-year degree, the Bachelor of Applied Science – Organizational Management (BASOM).  JEB Thornton is the College’s Assistant Dean of Baccalaureate Programs, explaining GHC has been accredited to offer four-year degrees that directly correlate with vocational programs being offered.

“A bachelor degree in Organizational Management takes those graduating from our Human Services, Business, Criminal Justice and other workforce programs on to  continue their education and get ready to advance in their fields. Likewise, our new BAS in Forest Resource Management is a direct response to demands from the forest products industry for better-prepared employees,” Thornton adds.

The College is also awaiting approval to begin a BAS in Education, designed for those interested in teaching kindergarten through 8th grade.

For more information about GHC’s four-year degrees, contact Thornton, 360.538.4022, [email protected].