Aberdeen High School has a new award, and last week the Marie Akerlund Orchestra Award was presented to Gordon Shaw by Marie Akerlund’s daughter Debra. “This award was set up to honor my mother. She was an accomplished violinist and teacher for many years in Aberdeen. She believed that a well rounded education must include music
Learning one of these instruments is not easy. There is a lot required at a young age-talent, practice, discipline, dedication, patience, teamwork, listening and responsibility. In other words, all the skills that are common among good citizens and high achievers.
Learning music enriches lives and builds confidence. Every musician on this stage should feel a great deal of pride and accomplishment.”

Cellist, Gordon Shaw is very involved in school activities, Renaissance Action Team, football, cross country. He was a counselor for Outdoor School at Camp Bishop.
Last year he was a member of the Tacoma Youth Symphony. He plays bass in the jazz band and recently he has played the cello that belonged to my classmate, Nina Ingram Morean which was generously donated by Gary Morean.
Gordon’s musical contributions have distinguished him as a role model and leader.
I am happy and proud to present the first Marie Akerlund Orchestra Award to Gordon Shaw.

Sophomore Gordon Shaw also plays cello in the Grays Harbor Symphony, and is a cast member in this summer’s production of Spamalot, which is the reason for the “scruffy” look in his photo here.