Tempers flared at the Cosmopolis city council meeting last night as County Commissioner Frank Gordon explained his protest over flood dollars going toward a new dam on Mill Creek. “The dam by itself, is not possible to do the flood control you people are looking for.” Gordon must have felt like a Bobcat in Cougar country at times when he said that he wanted some of the flood control dollars that were earmarked for a new dam to go toward fixing the culverts below Mill Creek park. He said “I don’t have a problem with you guys having a dam, my problem is; I want to see some of that money to fix a few culverts”

County Commissioner Vickie Raines was also there last night, after letting Gordon speak she said “If I may I’d like you to take a seat, because I have a few things that I’d like to explain.” Raines again expressed frustration over the amount of red tape the city has gone through to replace their dam since it breached when she was mayor of the city in 2008. Both Raines and current Cosmopolis Mayor Frank Chestnut again accused Gordon of stonewalling the project. Raines told the council last night “I believe, and this is my personal opinion and it’s been very frustrating for me since January, this is a political move because my name is attached to Cosmopolis as the former mayor to have this project stopped, and it’s ridiculous.”

After giving both Gordon and Raines time to talk, the council heard from a couple of citizens they knew by name and address, Mayor Frank Chestnut handed the gavel over to Mayor pro Tem Carl Sperring then said; “Not everything that happened would have been completely prevented. But we do happen to know, and our engineer has stated as much, that a huge pile of the indignity we suffered would have been mitigated had it been for a decent flood control device. Which, by the way, is going to have two fish passages, and as a result of losing our park, we have funding enough to re-establish the park.

Public Works Director Darrin Raines agreed that several culverts needed to be replaced to provide better flood control, adding that they were looking at that project separately in order to get the dam replaced sooner.The overwhelming consensus in the packed room last night seemed to be to bring back the dam.

Near the end of the comment period, Mayor Frank Chestnut handed over the gavel, and had this to say.

      Just Frank Chestnut on Mill Creek Dam Opposition

Here is the rest of the meeting in audio-only format, from where Mayor Frank Chestnut told Commissioner Frank Gordon to sit down.

      Frank Chestnut on Mill Creek Dam Opposition