Four suspects were arrested last week on suspicion of Residential Burglary after a neighbor interrupted a possible burglary in progress on Franjo Beach Drive. Officer Melissa Wood with the Mason County Sheriff’s Office tells us 3 deputies conducted a high risk traffic stop along State Route 3 on Wednesday, June 3, regarding a vehicle matching the description of the one seen leaving the unoccupied residence 12 minutes after the initial report to dispatch.

Sheriff Casey Salisbury said, “Once again, history has shown that with adequate staffing and adequate funding for equipment, technology and training, public safety expectations can be met for the effective and timely disruption of criminal acts.”

The Shelton neighbor reported that multiple persons had entered the house next door and when confronted, the intruders ran for their car and left the area quickly. After dialing 911 the neighbor contacted the homeowner who confirmed that no one should have been in the residence.

Deputies responding to the residence observed French doors that appeared to have been forced open and several cabinets left standing open. The loft area of the home contained a bag with several items in it matching the description of a bag reported by the neighbor as being carried by one of the intruders.

The home was processed for prints and photographed and the suspect vehicle was impounded pending a search warrant.