Hoquiam firefighters responded to another report of 20-foot flames at the former site of the paper mill off of Bay Avenue this morning. A source at the department tells us a ground-level fire has been smoldering and burning at the site for most of this month. While it doesn’t threaten any structures on the property, the fire found more fuel this week and has been flaring up overnights.

It started in a pile of former hog-fuel for the paper mill, and spread to the underground timbers. Our source said that the fire is smoldering in wood buried a couple of feet deep in some places. The property owner hired a construction crew to try to dig the spalt-fire out earlier this month, but the continued responses and calls to the site would argue that they didn’t get it all.

The slow-moving fire has spread to about an acre, and is now burning some piled logs which has prompted the report of 20-foot flames coming from the site. Lacking access to earth-moving equipment, the department plans to work with the property owner to get the fire dug out and put out for good.