Filing week wrapped up Friday evening with 23 additional filings in Grays Harbor County. Incumbent mayors of Aberdeen, Elma, Hoquiam, Montesano, and Westport will defend their seats in the August primary.

In Aberdeen, Mayor Bill Simpson faces Erik Larson and Jack Micheau. While Councilwoman Margo Shortt defends her seat against Elaine Redner and Courtney Cook.

In Elma, there is a four-way race for Mayor, as incumbent David Osgood is now challenged by former Mayor Earl Hari, Jim Sorenson, and Elroy Papke.

Hoquiam Mayor Jack Durney faces current Councilwoman Jasmine Dickhoff and former Councilman John Wiedl. Montesano Mayor Ken Estes faces Councilman Tyler Trimble and Vini Samuel, and Westport Mayor Michael Bruce faces current Councilman Rob Bearden and Jim Lang.

Westport Councilwoman Pat Gardner will defend her seat against Jerry Schlaupitz and Brandi Holmes.

We’ll see an August Primary race for Stan Pinnick’s Port Commissioner seat, he is challenged by Jackie Farra and Richard Sinclair.

In Washington’s Top 2 Primary voting system the two candidates who receive the most votes in the August Primary Election qualify for the November General Election. Candidates must also receive at least 1% of the votes cast in that race to advance to the General Election.

The November General election will see Grays Harbor Superior Court Judge Stephen Brown challenged by Jean Cotton.

In Aberdeen, the winners of the August Primary race for Mayor, as well as Councilman Doug Paling challenged by Kathi Prieto for his Ward 2 seat, Councilman Jeff Cook defends his seat against Kathleen Kachman in Ward 3, and Pat Gordon and Dee Anne Shaw are competing in Ward 6 for Jerry Mills seat.

In Cosmopolis Mayor Frank Chestnut is unopposed, Councilman Kyle Pauley will defend his appointed seat against Dale Andrews, and Mark Collett has filed to challenge incumbent Jim Ancich. Pauley is also Elections Administrator for the county, and said that the possibility of being in the election has been discussed in early job interviews and “steps will be made to eliminate any conflicts with either office.”

In Elma, the winners of the four-way August race for Mayor. Councilman Charles Butterfield defends his seat against Shadel Carter, while Ron Mullins and Jim Taylor will face off for Councilman Debbie Thurman’s seat.

In Hoquiam, the winners of the August Primary race for Mayor. Councilman Kevin Swope will defend his Ward 3 seat against Marcus Briscoe, while Councilman Ron Tibbetts will face Brenda Carlstrom for his appointed Ward 5 seat and Councilman Paul McMillan will face Dave Wilson Sr. for his Ward 1 seat. Councils Ben Winnkleman and Kim Simera are running unnapposed to re-election.

In McCleary Councilman Tom Reed defends his seat against Chris Vessey.

In Montesano, the top two for Mayor from the August Primary. Councilman Ian Cope will face Ken Carlson for his appointed seat, Councilwoman Pam McElliot is challenged by Dan Wood, and Councilman Ken Walkington will defend his seat against challenger Dave Skaramuca. Nikki King, and Barry Iverson have filed for Lyle Powell’s seat.

In Ocean Shores, Mayor Crystal Dingler will defend her seat against challenger Susan Conniry. John Schroeder has filed to challenge Dan Overton for his Position 3 seat, while Holly Plackett and John Farra have filed for Schroeder’s Position 2 seat. Dennis Schulte and Jon Martin are running for Ginny Hill’s Position 4 seat, Bob Peterson and Dan Marlowe are running for Randy Scott’s seat.

In Westport, the top two for Mayor from the August Primary.

Elections Administrator Kyle Pauley said Grays Harbor had over 20 offices with no filings, “These offices will be subject to a Special 3 Day Filing period in the near future to give candidates an opportunity to file. Not all offices will be open for filing during this period. Only those lacking candidates.”


Seats left empty after filing week include Jasmine Dickoff’s Ward 2 seat on the Hoquiam Council, and an entire Parks district.

Dave Palmer’s District 1 seat on the Cosmopolis School District, Stephen Buck’s District 4 seat on the North Beach School District, James Banas’ Position 3 seat on the North River School District, and Steve Mittge’s District 3, and Donald Secena’s Position 4 seats on the Oakville School District.

Jerry Jones, and Ken Carlyle’s seats on the Fire District 4 board were left open, and no one filed for 1 currently empty seat on the Fire District 6 and 10 boards, or either of two open seats on Fire District 8, and 15 boards

No one filed for any of the 5 open seats on the Grays Harbor Park and Recreation District, or any of the 3 open seats on the Cemetery District