A study commissioned by the Washington State Department of Transportation has determined that the former pontoon construction site in Aberdeen is not worth much to potential buyers, and would be best used to repair, construct, or decommission boats.

The goal of the report was to establish the highest and best use for the 50 +/- acre Pontoon Casting Basin Site that was used to build 33 of the 77 pontoons used for the replacement of the State Route 520 floating bridge over Lake Washington. WSDOT broke ground on the site in February, 2011, and produced the largest pontoons ever built in Washington, 360 feet long, 75 feet wide, nearly 30 feet tall, and weighing 11,000 tons.

The 52-page report also suggested $12.5-million in site modifications to accommodate that idea. Unfortunately, the report said, because site modifications are necessary, the value of the site has been set at zero dollars.

The study said that “having to pay a positive value for this SR 520 pontoon casting basin site would likely render the site undesirable and cost prohibitive to potential buyers.”

Here is a link to the study (sic)

Aberdeen Pontoon Sit Feasibility Study Q1 2017