The National Weather Service in Seattle has issued multiple watches, warnings and advisories about the excessive heat expected Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Most are in effect from 2:00 pm, Thursday, August 18th –9:00 pm Saturday, August 20th, 2016. Very hot temperatures will impact the area late this week, creating major health impacts such as dehydration and heat-related illness upon senior citizen populations and those living and working outdoors. Be sure to check on friends, neighbors, all vulnerable populations, pets and livestock this week.

A Fire Weather Warning and Fire Weather Watch has been issued for Western Washington, including our region for the same time period this week.  Circumstances will be such that NE to E winds will combine with low humidity and hot temperatures creating possible Red Flag conditions. These conditions in combination with extremely dry fuels create extreme fire danger and /or behavior.  Be diligent to the hazards and safety rules related to all outdoor cooking, campfires (where allowed) and when discarding matches and cigarettes. Remember 90% of all wildfires are created by humans.


There is a STATEWIDE BURN BAN in effect for all DNR lands including state and county parks. All outdoor burning including campfires in fire pits and the use of charcoal briquettes is prohibited. Liquid or Propane camp stoves that do not use briquettes and have on/off controls are permitted.

PRIVATE PROPERTY CAMPFIRES ARE PERMITTED if conducted in the following manner:

  • In a fire pit no than 3-feet in diameter and constructed of a ring of metal, stone, or brick 8-inches above ground surface, with a 2-foot wide area cleared down to exposed soil surrounding the outside of the pit.
  • The campfire must be attended at all times by a responsible person at least 16-years old with the ability to extinguish the fire with a shovel and a 5-gallon bucket of water or with a connected and charged water hose.

All campfires shall be completely extinguished by pouring water or moist soil on the fire, and then stirring the fire with a shovel until all parts are cool to the touch.


BEACH CAMPFIRES All outdoor burning including campfires in fire pits and the use of charcoal briquettes is PROHIBITED on all area beaches. Liquid or Propane camp stoves FOR COOKING PURPOSES ONLY that do not use briquettes and have on/off controls are permitted. Decorative fire pits that use liquid or propane are PROHIBITED on area beaches. All beach fires are to be extinguished totally prior to leaving the beaches. The dunes are very susceptible to fire from wind-blown sparks. Please be vigilant and report unattended beach fires. IF VISITING BEACHES IN AREA CITIES, PLEASE CONTACT THE LOCAL FIRE DEPARTMENT FOR RESTRICTIONS.

FORECAST HIGH TEMPERATURES THROUGHOUT THE COUNTY THIS WEEK – low temperatures will be in the mid to upper 50’s

Ocean Shores & Westport:        Thursday – 70          Friday – 77    Saturday – 67

Moclips and Taholah:                  Thursday – 80         Friday – 84   Saturday – 73

Aberdeen, Hoquiam & Cosmopolis:

Thursday – 90        Friday – 92   Saturday – 85

Montesano, Humptulips and Amanda Park:

Thursday – 93         Friday – 96   Saturday – 88

Elma, McCleary & Oakville:       Thursday – 91         Friday – 97   Saturday – 95