After a mix up at the Grays Harbor County courthouse recently, special ballots are being mailed to Elma residents for the August Primary Election with a single measure on them.

Elma Mayor Jim Sorensen said that their resolution to add a police levy to the August Primary ballot ended up on the wrong desk and the measure was not included. Sorensen said Elma voters will get a second ballot by this weekend, “Now this second ballot will be salmon-colored return envelopes instead of the blue.”

Sorensen said approximately 1,700 new ballots are being mailed out this Thursday with the measure. The special ballot is not a special election and the same deadlines apply as to the August Primary, ballots need to be returned by 8 PM August 1st.

Since you won’t be able to find it in the online voter’s guide, Sorensen explained that the vote asks for approval of a $170,000 Levy to support police services. He said the amount is $75,000 less than the previous year because they brought in more revenue than was anticipated. The “Levy to Partially Fund Police Services” passed the last two years with over 62% support.