The Elma Police Department is warning of the Grandparent Scam after learning that an Elma couple sent thousands to scammers in Pennsylvania recently.

Chief Susan Shultz said they received a report Monday from an Elma couple in their 80’s regarding a financial scam. They advised receiving several phone calls from an alleged DEA agent. During the initial call, a male subject on the phone was crying hysterically stating he was their grandson. The caller then advised the couple their grandson had been arrested and was currently in custody.

Initially the caller stated their grandson’s bail amount was $14,500. In subsequent calls, the couple was told to send an additional $12,500.00 for attorney fees. The victims were instructed to send the money in cash to an address in Pennsylvania and not to tell anyone about the case.

“We urge people to have conversations with their family members regarding financial exploitations of the elderly and vulnerable. Before sending any financial assistance to an individual or group, verify the authenticity of the request with local law enforcement or other family members”, says Chief Shultz, Elma Police Department

The victims reported contacting their bank and withdrawing a total of $27,000.00 sending it overnight via UPS to the address. The victims reported receiving several calls from the caller. The couple became suspicious when they received additional calls stating the attorney needed another $12,500 in cash. The couple called their grandson directly and discovered he was fine and had never been in jail.

Elma Officers contacted the couple’s bank and confirmed with staff that they had withdrawn a total of $27,000 from their account on two different transactions. Officers are working with the Police Department in Pennsylvania who has received numerous similar reports made to their agency.