Police arrested a man overnight after he was reported removing United States flags, posted along the sidewalks of downtown Hoquiam for Labor day, and throwing them into the street.

Police Chief Jeff Myers said the 33-year-old Elma man was detained by an officer in the Swanson’s parking lot Monday evening. The arresting officer reported the man was giving pre-attack indicators before he became hostile and resisted arrest. At one point the officer used a Taser on the man before he was fully subdued. He was seen by paramedics from the Hoquiam Fire Department before being taken into custody on related charges.

The man was reported by witnesses just after 7:00 p.m. Monday evening. Witnesses at the scene of his arrest also relayed that the man was pulling up the posted American flags and throwing them in the street. Chief Myers said during the course of the investigation officers learned that the man is a known mental health patient.