The National Weather Service in Seattle is warning of high temperatures for Western Washington early this week. “Inland areas, Elma Montesano, they’ll be pushing 90 degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday with a little cooling on Thursday.” Meteorologist Dana Felton said low pressure along the coast combined with a thermal trough is turning the winds Easterly, prompting downslope winds from the Olympics and Cascades, and warming Western Washington for a couple of days.

High temperatures could reach into the lower 90s in some locations.

Tuesday & Wednesday expected to be the warmest days inland, Felton said the coast will see the hottest day tomorrow, “Today will be a little bit warmer than we were on Sunday and then the real warm day out on the beaches is going to be on Tuesday we’re looking for highs in the lower to mid-80s.” Then, he said, a break for the coast, “On Wednesday the offshore flow pattern that gives us warm temperatures out there on the coast is going to weaken and that will allow sea breezes to kick in Wednesday afternoon so it looks like mid-70s to lower 80s Wednesday.” But keep in mind that’s only along the coast due to coastal winds.

Inland temperatures will climb in the mid-80s today, and possibly the lower 90s tomorrow, back to the 80s on Wednesday before forecasters say the system will break and Westerly winds kick in again, high temperatures will be in the 70s for the rest of the week.

Hydrate, dress for heat, limit outdoor exposure, and check on those more vulnerable.

The National Weather Service is warning of high temperatures for Western Washington early this week