Two men have been arrested in connection with a demolished truck off of Weyerhaeuser logging roads East of Raymond this week. Chief Criminal Deputy Pat Matlock with the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office said that evidence at the scene made it very apparent that two pieces of large machinery were used to cause the damage. The owner of the truck, Greg Queener of Greg and Terry Queener Trucking said it happened behind a locked Weyerhaeuser gate near Trap Creek, Monday night.  “It was parked overnight, and somebody came up with the excavator that was on the job site and rolled my truck over, smashed the cab, and smashed the box, smashed the fenders off of it. they dug holes in the road went down in the fish creek and dug holes in the creek and knocked down trees.”

Semi vandalizedHe spent yesterday digging his truck out of the woods. “I have a good friend in the business, Robbie Ohrberg, of Ohrberg Excavation, we loaded it up and hauled it to Washington Truck Rebuilders in Toledo. They looked at it and within 30 seconds said it was totaled, junk, a complete loss.”

Matlock said the truck was a total loss estimating damages between thirty and fifty thousand dollars.
Queener works for the Wakiakum County Roads Department and moonlights with his 1988 Western Star dump-bed semi truck. He said a new truck like that would cost over $150,000 admitting that his 1988 wasn’t worth that much but he just spent over $12,000 on a new motor.

truck vandalized

Yesterday, Matlock said they received information of two possible identities when the mother of one of the suspects reported that her son may have been involved.  The son, identified as Tanner J. Buchanan, age 21, admitted that he and another friend caused the damage to the dump truck with an excavator and a bulldozer. Buchanan stated that they had both been drinking alcohol and that they were causing damage for the fun of it.


Pacific County Sheriff’s deputies also located the second suspect, identified as Derrick T. Justice, age 20, of Pe Ell, WA. Justice admitted to operating the bulldozer but denied that he damaged the truck in any way. Both Buchanan and Justice were arrested and transported to the Pacific County Jail and booked on charges of Malicious Mischief in the First degree and Trespassing in the Second degree.