A substitute version of House Bill 1060, which would allow children to receive medical marijuana at school made it out of the House Committee on Appropriations Friday. From there the bill goes on to the Rules Committee where citizen champion, and father of the bill’s namesake, John Barclay hopes it will be called to the floor for a vote in the House of Representatives.

A companion bill in the Senate, SB 5290, was referred to Early Learning & K-12 Education Committee in January.

Sponsor of the house bill Democratic Representative Brian Blake of Aberdeen said, “Every child should have the chance to take full advantage of what school has to offer, but Ducky and other kids with similar conditions aren’t getting that opportunity.”

The bill is named after an Aberdeen student, affectionately known as Ducky, who suffers from seizure disorders but is able to go to school if treated by medical marijuana. Because of strict rules regarding marijuana on school grounds, legislation is necessary to allow students to receive prescribed medical marijuana. Ducky’s family believes this bill would allow her to be able to attend school full-time.

“I’ve witnessed what they are going through and it’s heartbreaking,” said Blake about Ducky’s family and their ordeal to ensure she gets an education. “We need to keep these children in school so they can learn and grow just like their classmates. That’s why this bill is so important.”